Your Realtor Is Guessing

There is no standard formula for how much a bedroom, bathroom, or square foot of your home is worth; your realtor is guessing when they make dollar adjustments to your home's value based on any of these criteria without mathematical and statistical proof based on true buyer actions in your neighborhood.

Sell-Star never guesses, but instead uses the last 100 home buyer purchases in your neighborhood to give you the Truth and Proof of how buyers spend their money to get what they want.

Your Sell-Star System gives you full control by first determining what was most important to the last 100 buyers—not just 3. Then Sell-Star helps you to prepare, promote, and profit from your home sale based on what buyers in your neighborhood most demand and pay the most to attain.

It's Not Just Realtors Struggling
To Understand What Home Buyers Value,
So Are Appraisers

From Proving Appraisal Adjustments
By Beverly A Bayer, SRA, for Organization of Real Estate Professionals

Let’s be honest:
(1) How many appraisers have a set of adjustments that seem to work – that they might have used for years but have never tested?
(2) How often do we guess at an adjustment either because we do not know how to determine the adjustment or just don’t want (or have the time) to do the research and analysis?
(3) How often do appraisers, challenged on an adjustment and unable to defend it, bend to unreasonable requests?
From What Adjustments Have the Most Influence on Appraisal Reports?
By Jon Werks, for CoreLogic

It is significant to point out that the frequency of an adjustment is indirectly correlated to the financial impact, as four of the top five most adjusted features resulted in relatively low average dollar adjustments.

...the adjustment features that result in the highest value adjustment levels (Condition, Quality and Location) are harder to quantify...

What Happens When Your Appraisal Comes In Lower Than Sale Price?

When you place your home under contract with a buyer and the appraisal comes in lower than the sale price, four things can happen:

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The Fannie Mae Residential Appraisal Form is what appraisers use to make adjustments to the value of your home.  Realtors simply imitate appraisers as they complete their Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)screen shot of live sell-star valuation analysis for determining the value of bedrooms and buyer demand

When Value Adjustments to Your Home Based On Square Feet Size Comparisons Are Wrong

When Value Adjustments to Your Home Based On Bedroom
Are Wrong

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You and I sit down together and discover the truth and proof why the last 100 buyers bought the homes they did, why they paid what they did — and then let you use this knowledge to prepare, price, and profit on your own home sale.

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