Experience the Honesty of Sell-Star

Know more about what buyers in your neighborhood will pay for a home than any realtor knows.

Your Sell-Star analysis of 100 home sales, instead of the realtor standard of just 3, offers you honesty and insights you've never seen before.
The average realtor offers you an analysis using 3 home sales—showing you the actions of just three buyers

You and I discover the TRUTH and PROOF together as we interact live with Sell-Star as a team.
Comparison of typical realtor presenting only three home sales (three buyer actions)
While every neighborhood is different—including yours—here’s something the Sell-Star System discovered that’s a bit terrifying to realtors.
Sell-Star discovered in this neighborhood the emotion triggering qualities in QKeys 1, 2, 3, and 5, along with the physical quality of home size, are what buyers pay the most for.

(QKeys are Qualities (Q) Key (Keys) to creating value in your home as proven through the actions of 100 home buyers in your neighborhood.)

This is just one small part of the Sell-Star System and tells you:

1) What is NOT important to buyers (the larger the number in the right column the higher the likelihood this is not what makes buyers pay more for a home)—just look for any number larger than 0.05 in the far-right column, and

2) What IS most important to home buyers (the smaller the number in the right column tells you what buyers most demand and pay the most to attain)—just look for any number smaller than 0.05 in the far-right column.

In this neighborhood bedroom and bathroom and garage space counts along with basement finishes were not the value creators realtors believe.

In this example, you and I then focus on maximizing your specific home qualities in QKeys 1 and 5 because these have a very high impact on values, then on home qualities in QKeys 2 and 3 to see which qualities your home already has, and of those you don't which are the least expensive to add as you prepare for market.

Why should you care—this sounds difficult!

It is difficult, and that's why no other real estate broker does this for you. But don't worry, I do the hard part; you're there to see the insights unfold before your eyes.

Your home sale is the largest tax-free income you'll ever earn. You and I use Sell-Star to maximize your tax-free income.

Put the smartest person you know—and the one with your absolute best interests at heart to work selling your home.
You’ll be sitting right next to me as we make honest and often unexpected discoveries through your customized Sell-Star analysis.

You’ll see for yourself the TRUTH and PROOF of what buyers most demand and know how to prepare your home for market, how best to promote your home, how to maximize your profit from your home sale—and how NOT to waste money working on things buyers do not pay more for in a home.

You’ll know more about home sales in your neighborhood than any realtor.
Sell-Star uses the actions of 100 home sales (100 home buyers) to discover the truth about what buyers demand and valuing your homeSell-Star uses technologies, such as K-Means clustering to help explain why some homes sell for much more money than others--based on qualities buyers most demand

Sell-Star shows you the actions of the last 100 buyers.

The actions of 100 buyers speak louder than 1 realtor's opinion.

Sell-Star uses technologies such as Random Forest Regression and Linear Regression to demonstrate how to prepare your home for sale--and where not to waster money on qualities buyers won't pay more for

Your Sell-Star System has one purpose: Making you the smartest home seller in your neighborhood by understanding why some homes sell for much more money than others based on what home buyers most want and how much they’ll pay to get it.

Experience The Honesty of Sell-Star
The best way to understand just how much Sell-Star helps you while selling your home is to experience it live.

You and I sit down together and discover the truth and proof why the last 100 buyers bought the homes they did, why they paid what they did — and then let you use this knowledge to prepare, price, and profit on your own home sale.

Know more about what buyers in your neighborhood will pay for a home than any realtor knows.
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Sell-Star Is Available For These Metro Denver Neighborhoods:
Alta Vista And Arvada West
Athmar Park
Bear Valley
Bonnie Brae
Bradbury Ranch
Broadmoor, Meadowbrook Valley
Broadway Estates Southglenn
Buffalo Run: Highlands, Mesa, Village
Carriage Club
Castle Pines North
Castle Pines Village
Castlewood Ranch
Chaffee Park
Cheesman Park
Cherry Creek
Cherry Knolls
Cherrywood Park
Clarke Farms
Cobblestone Ranch
Congress Park
Country Club
Crystal Valley Ranch
Dove Village
Dream House Acres
East Colfax
Fallbrook Farms
Far Horizons
Foothill Green
Founders Village
Friendly Hills
Fronterra Village
Governors Ranch
Grant Ranch
Green Mountain
Green Valley Ranch
Hampden Heights
Hampden Hutchinson
Harvey Park
Heritage Hills Heritage Estates
Heritage Todd Creek
Hidden River
Highland LoHi
Holly Hills
Hunters Glen
Ken Caryl Ranch
Ken Caryl Valley
Lake Arbor
Lamar Heights
Legacy Ridge
Leydon Rock
Lookout Mountain
Mar Lee
Meridian Village
Midtown At Clear Creek
North Creek Farms
Observatory Park
Park Hill
Piney Creek
Platt Park
Ralston Valley
River Oaks And River Run
Roxborough Park
Roxborough Village
Ruby Hill
Saddle Rock
Saddle Rock Golf Club
Scenic Heights
Sheridan Green
Sierra Ridge
Signal Creek
Sloan Lake
Stony Creek
Stroh Ranch
Sun Valley
Tallyns Reach
The Broadlands
The Hearth
The Meadows
The Pinery
The Preserve
Timbers At The Pinery
University Hills
Village Of Five Parks
Virginia Vale
Virginia Village
Walnut Grove And Countryside
Washington Park
Washington Park West
West Woods
Whisper Creek
Williamsburg And Meadows
Willow Creek
Willow Springs